Fingerspelling Mugs

AVAILABLE in all colours!

Wow! Stylish, colourful and trendy! That's what! WAAD's fingerspelling mugs are now back in stock but with different colours - black matte on the outside with three choices of yellow, orange and green print and inner mug colours! 

They are $10 each, great for gifts, birthdays or just to say thank you! The options are unlimited.  

Buy now and support a voluntary Deaf consumer based organisation today!

Picture description:  

Top picture: three black matte mugs are on a wooden benchtop, in the order of orange, yellow and green fingerspelling prints. The yellow stands out clearly while the other two are in the background blurred out. The mugs are also coloured inside. 

Bottom pictures: The first picture is a close up photo of the orange mug showing fingerspelling. The second mug is a close up photo of the yellow fingerspelling mug. The third picture is a close up photo of the green mug.